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7 Content Marketing Strategies You Must Use

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and circulating compelling content to attract, retain and engage your target market to promote consumer action and revenue. Content marketing is a necessary online tactic that continues to evolve. With new shifts occurring, it’s important to understand the changes and develop your strategy accordingly. Companies Read more about 7 Content Marketing Strategies You Must Use[…]

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Ignite Your Site

Website design and styles constantly evolve. What was one deemed appealing is probably now outdated. Sleek styles and minimalist sites are what’s trending now. The following website design elements, techniques and strategies will showcase your organization’s products and services with the most updated concepts. Long Scrolling Sites Long scrolling sites are hot. Back in the Read more about Ignite Your Site[…]

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Create Customer Conversion

Having a company blog offers many benefits and there are many reasons to post blogs regularly. Having a blog increases SEO, provides valuable information to those reading it and can position yourself and business as an industry leader. The following will help you drive conversion and turn readers into customers. Know your audience. Who you Read more about Create Customer Conversion[…]

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Do This Not That

Crafting successful email campaigns could quite possibly yield the highest ROI of all of your marketing initiatives. When it comes to email marketing, there are a lot of marketers out there who say you should ALWAYS do this or NEVER do that. Below are what I consider the BEST and not-so-best marketing practices. The Do’s: DO Read more about Do This Not That[…]

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Your Twitter Content Strategy

Twitter is an amazing social platform your organization should use. Twitter conversations are like any other conversation you have with your customers and potential customers. Twitter gives you direct access to people that will help grow your business. The following strategy will with help you establish continuous conversation with your followers. Listen and Pay Attention Read more about Your Twitter Content Strategy[…]

Why You?

Knowing why you’re better than your competition affects your marketing efforts. It impacts the content you create, language you use on your website and marketing collateral and how your sales team handles leads. Why did your customers choose you? Why do they stick with you? Understanding your competitive advantage will help you create a visible and Read more about Why You?[…]

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From Boring to Soaring

To take your marketing from boring to soaring your business must have a marketing strategy. Strategy steps can vary. Below is a condensed outline that will  help you capture market share and catapult revenue. Look internally. Analyze your organization’s strengths, weaknesses and goals. Brainstorm and include everything. Once you have your list, identify priorities. This Read more about From Boring to Soaring[…]

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Simple is the New Sexy

Less is best. The most effective way to reach your clients isn’t through complicated and verbose websites, advertisements or sales copy, but instead through making their decision-making process easy. Give customers and potential customers exactly what they need and need to know. Don’t go overboard. It has been estimated that nearly 90% of customers are Read more about Simple is the New Sexy[…]

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Creating a Successful Email Campaign

Email marketing remains one of the strongest marketing platforms to drive sales. In fact, statistics show email marketing outperforms Facebook and Twitter by nearly double. Creating successful email campaigns will dramatically increase your organization’s retention and acquisition rates. Below are a few strategy tips for creating a compelling email campaign. If you want high click Read more about Creating a Successful Email Campaign[…]

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Content Creation Generation

Content marketing has become a prominent marketing method to attract qualifies leads. In fact, 92% of marketers use content marketing. 58% of B2B marketers and 60% of B2C marketers plan to increase their content marketing strategy this year. Below are simple and effective content creation and management tips to develop and mange your content creation Read more about Content Creation Generation[…]

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#Awesome #SocialMedia #Tips

There are countless Social Media strategy tips to get you noticed and increase brand visibility. Below is a list of some of my favorite tips. 1. Starting a Tweet with a username (such as @MichaelGoetzMarketing) means only the sender, the person mentioned and anyone who follows them both will see it. Don’t start your Tweet Read more about #Awesome #SocialMedia #Tips[…]

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Activate & Accentuate

I’ve always thought, “If you can write, you can do anything.” When I edit for clients, it seems I always make the same corrections, edits and suggestions. Wordy passive sentences are strung together, riddled with prepositional phrases. A college sophomore summer class taught me one of the best editing techniques I continue to use. It’s Read more about Activate & Accentuate[…]

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Pitch Perfect Posts

Your social media strategy should always start with creating blog posts that influence your clients and establishes you as an industry expert. Blogs are social media gold because they can be posted and highlighted on all your social media platforms. Michael Goetz Marketing creates client blogs that increases engagement, gets clients noticed and drives revenue. Read more about Pitch Perfect Posts[…]

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Create Epic Engagement

Q. What should I post? A. Visually based content. Making your content visual is the best thing you can do to drive social media engagement. The statistics say pictures make up 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook. Photos get 53% more likes,104% more comments and 84% more click-through’s on links than text-based posts. Read more about Create Epic Engagement[…]

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Increase Your Social Reach Like Never Before

Successful social media pages are active and engaging. The more activity and engaging your social networks are, the better. Having your content shared from your network to others makes a powerful impact on your pages. Shares drive virality, boost SEO and show engagement. Facebook likes and shares are both important factors for successful pages, however, Read more about Increase Your Social Reach Like Never Before[…]

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Create Your Google AdWord Strategy

Effectively using Google AdWords is essential for online marketing. Google AdWords is the most popular form of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. When placing AdWords, marketers bid on relevant keywords that trigger their sponsored ads that appear in the search engine results page (SERP). When using Google AdWords, Google chooses which ads are shown and in what Read more about Create Your Google AdWord Strategy[…]

Create Cool Collateral

We see them everywhere. Flyers, brochures and printed marketing collateral are used by most organizations. Creative and well designed flyers must catch the attention of your audience to get them to take action. The following tips will inspire creativity in your next flyer or marketing collateral project. Using Colors Bright and bold colors will get your Read more about Create Cool Collateral[…]

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Increase Your Google Presence and Ranking

Google dominates the web. It’s much more than just a search engine. Google’s marketing tools are essential to your business. Take advantage of the following tools to increase your business’ exposure. Google My Business Formerly called Google Places, Google My Business will get your business featured in search results for local searches. It will also Read more about Increase Your Google Presence and Ranking[…]

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Create Persuasive Blogs

Blogging takes time to do properly. Your blog provides relevant and insightful information to your readers, but it also must drive conversions and create a positive ROI. The following information will ensure your blog not only acts as a catalyst for credibility and thought leadership, but also generates positive returns for your business. Know Your Read more about Create Persuasive Blogs[…]

Choose Words Wisely

It’s important that all your communication is clear and concise. Your writing should be compact and use as few words as possible. The following strategies will help you write with a modern flair using minimal words. Front load your copy. This means put the most important information where your readers’ eyes will immediately spot it. Read more about Choose Words Wisely[…]

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Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Maximum ROI

With a strategic strategy, Facebook advertisements can yield high returns. There are numerous ways to make your ad campaigns more effective. The following will help you create Facebook advertisements that increases branding and revenue. Align Your Facebook Advertisement with the Campaign Landing Page Your Facebook post content should be aligned with the content of your landing page. Read more about Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Maximum ROI[…]

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Create Awesome Emails

Crafting email campaigns is an inexpensive yet powerful way to deliver your business to business message. There are over 122 billion B2B emails sent every hour. Nearly 70% of marketers say email marketing is essential to their business. The below tips will ensure your message is received, read and acted upon. Subject Lines Punctuation isn’t necessary Read more about Create Awesome Emails[…]

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Create A Social Strategy That Shines

If you don’t have a social media presence, your business does not exist in the eyes of your potential consumers. If potential clients cannot find you on social media, they’ll find your competitor. A successful social media strategy will add tremendous benefits, including increased revenue, branding and engagement. 1. Define your objectives. Set goals and establish Read more about Create A Social Strategy That Shines[…]

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Invent Your Image

Effective marketing communication is based on a clearly defined corporate image. The image summarizes what your organization stands for and how well your organization’s position has been established. The goal of image management is to create and influence an impression in the minds of clients and customers. Your customers see many things as they come in Read more about Invent Your Image[…]

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Double Sales Leads Using Twitter

Twitter is one of the top social media networks, with an average of 288 million active monthly users. Many businesses still don’t understand how to successfully utilize and monetize Twitter. A powerful Twitter strategy includes engagement. The following Twitter tips are sure to increase your network engagement. Use Twitter to Add Value Many use Twitter to Read more about Double Sales Leads Using Twitter[…]

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Pinning for Winning

Pinterest is a social media network that allows creators and followers to share and learn from one another. The following strategy will help improve your Pinterest engagement, help you discover what pins get the most attention and help you understand what makes pins popular. This strategy can also be incorporated in your Twitter and Facebook networks. Read more about Pinning for Winning[…]