Blogging Matters

Michael GoetzThere are endless reasons your organization should blog. You should blog because you have something important to relay to readers and because your company is amazing. Blogging also increases SEO tremendously. Blogging can also be accomplished on nearly any budget. Below are the top reasons you should get blogging today. There are no excuses not to blog.

Sharing your blog on your social media networks provides inbound links. Inbound links are important to increase your SEO. Inbound links are hyperlink links that once clicked takes the reader to your website. This will lead customers to your site and boosts the number of visitors your site receives. This will dramatically increase your search engine ranking.

Blogs provide an ideal content source for your social sites. For example, if your blog provides industry tips, you can use each tip as a social post. Readers love tips. Tips often receive the most traffic because customers and potential customers will read, comment and share, therefore boosting traffic to your social networks and website.

You can basically blog about anything and turn any recent work into a blog––just make sure your content is engaging and isn’t a blatant sales pitch. Turn your recent press release, white paper, presentation or case study into a blog. Additionally, post videos, podcasts and photos on your blog. Use your blog as a medium to announce your product or service launch. You’ll gain momentum and industry hype.

Blogging will increase your Author Rank. Author Rank is a search engine algorithm that scores on factors such as social sharing of posts, quality of backlinks to your content, content interactions, PageRank and authority of publishing sites.

Take Away
Blogging shouldn’t be a chore or a hassle. Blogging should display your excitement for what you have to say. Blog as often as you can and use your social networks to show and share your awesome announcements and information.