Create A Social Strategy That Shines

Michael Goetz MarketingIf you don’t have a social media presence, your business does not exist in the eyes of your potential consumers. If potential clients cannot find you on social media, they’ll find your competitor. A successful social media strategy will add tremendous benefits, including increased revenue, branding and engagement.

1. Define your objectives. Set goals and establish your purpose for developing your organization’s social media networks. Knowing your purpose will help you formulate a strategic plan.

2. Know your audience. Learn where your audience is and engage there. You don’t need to be on every social network. Pick the ones that best fit your industry best and focus on those.

3. Quantify your performance. Generally all social media platforms provide the ability to define and measure your social media activities. Your social media analytics will convey the success of your social strategy. Is your information getting shared and retweeted? Are potential clients clicking on your links? Set an actionable metrics that will allow you to shape, change or restructure as needed.

4. Learn from your competitors. Pay attention to what your competition does on social media. If what they are doing works well, fine tune it and do it better and on a larger scale. Use social media as part of your scenario planning process.

5. Stand out and get noticed. Why should anyone chose you? If you want to stand out, establish your unique selling proposition. Provide your audience a reason why they should pick you. It could be your price point, a gap you fill in your niche, etc.

6. Develop a content marketing plan. Decide what content drives leads the most. What posts gain maximum likes, shares and retweets? Provide relevant content that offers industry insight and expertise. Establish yourself as a thought leader and avoid overtly “salesy” material.

Take Away
From the beginning, your social media strategy must be clear on what you should and should not share on your social platforms. Define your organization’s success criteria and do what it takes to achieve it. Keep your social media messages consistent, concise and relevant.

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