Create Awesome Emails

Michael GoetzCrafting email campaigns is an inexpensive yet powerful way to deliver your business to business message. There are over 122 billion B2B emails sent every hour. Nearly 70% of marketers say email marketing is essential to their business. The below tips will ensure your message is received, read and acted upon.

Subject Lines
Punctuation isn’t necessary in your subject line. If you are able to personalize your email subject line, do it. Recipients are 22% more likely to open your email if they are addressed by their first name. There is debate on the length of your subject line. We recommend less is best. MailChimp recommends 50 characters or less.

Be clear and concise. Overt sales pitches aren’t well received. Keep your message focused on your subject line and keep your message short. Research shows questions increase interest and encourage click throughs. Place your call to action buttons at the beginning and end of your email and use vibrant colors such as orange or red. Bullet points are always a good idea to make your message stand out.

Email List
Your email list is one of your greatest assets. Make sure your list includes the appropriate contacts. Include contacts who have expressed interest in your products or services, but perhaps have yet to convert. Growing your list is key. Add an email sign-up on your Facebook and website so your list continues to grow. Emails you send must be “opted-in.” This means the recipients you are sending to have subscribed to your emails. Don’t use a purchased list. You’ll be breaking the rules and it probably won’t lead to conversion.

A/B testing is necessary to continually improve the performance metrics of your campaigns. A/B testing is essentially creating two campaign versions. Version A is sent to group A, and version B is sent to group B. (Be sure your email is only sent to the subscriber once.) Whichever campaign version has the higher open or click rate, send it to the remaining subscribers. Test items such as subject lines, placement of your call to action and delivery dates and times.

Responsive Design
Responsive design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. Your email is likely to be viewed and read on a mobile device. Make sure it looks great on any outlet.

Take Away
Email marketing is key to your marketing planning and strategy. Keep your email content, design and subject line simple and memorable. Send follow-up campaigns and personalized emails to those who have opened or expressed interest in your email. For those who have not opened your email, try sending again the following week.

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