Create Cool Collateral

Michael Goetz MarketingWe see them everywhere. Flyers, brochures and printed marketing collateral are used by most organizations. Creative and well designed flyers must catch the attention of your audience to get them to take action. The following tips will inspire creativity in your next flyer or marketing collateral project.

Using Colors

Bright and bold colors will get your flyer or other marketing collateral noticed. If you’re mailing them, bright and bold colors will help your marketing collateral stand out. Vibrant hues and pops of color will add punch and pizzaz.

A color wheel will help you choose a color. Complementary colors (opposites), color temperature (warm or cool) and other art-inspired concepts can help you select a cohesive color palette. Colors influence mood and perception so be mindful that your colors are inline with your flyer’s message.

Using Patterns

Additionally, using patters will make a strong visual statement. Our eyes naturally notice patterns. Including patterns in your design is a surefire way to get people to look at and read your flyer.

Using Typography

Using different font styles will add variety and interest. There are endless founts available. Be sure to select one or more (but not too many) that coincides with the theme of your flyer. Whatever fonts you select, be sure it is readable and avoid using all capital letters.


Pay attention to your alignment, spacing and balance when designing your collateral. These elements make the difference between a well designed piece and one that is poor. Simple and understated is always a sure bet and will offer your piece an understated sophistication.

Take Away

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors and patterns in your marketing piece. Mix things up with font types and sizes. Keeping your text to a minimum and generously spacing your design elements will provide a simple and modern look.