Create Customer Conversion

Michael GoetzHaving a company blog offers many benefits and there are many reasons to post blogs regularly. Having a blog increases SEO, provides valuable information to those reading it and can position yourself and business as an industry leader. The following will help you drive conversion and turn readers into customers.

Know your audience. Who you are writing to impacts the topics and style that’s most likely to drive conversions for your company. Be sure to create content that appeals in language and topics to your audience. Quality, industry specific content will help position you and your organization as a thought leader and help gain your audience’s trust.

Write blogs that offer solutions. The best blog topics for converting readers are those that address questions and offers customers or potential customers solutions to problems. Include detailed frameworks for solving problems through information that is useful and actionable.

Use your writing to evoke positive emotions. Foster positive relationships with your audience. The more time they invest with you, the less likely they will do somewhere else. Make your readers feel confident in your products and services.

Create blogs that are simple and easy to read. Your blogs should be able to be quickly read and skimmed. Focus on a single point and only include necessary information. Using short sentences and short paragraphs allows the reader to read faster.

Create a sense of urgency. Use words that invokes feelings of immediacy by incorporating relatable, data-backed examples that demonstrate the importance of using your service or purchasing your product now.

Create a call to action. Provide your readers next steps or guide them on what to do or where to go next.

Take Away
Creating content could possibly be one of the most important elements of your marketing plan. Be sure to blog consistently and offer valuable information to engage readers. Your blog content contains information that is perfect for sharing on all your social media networks.