Create Persuasive Blogs

Michael Goetz Marketing BlogBlogging takes time to do properly. Your blog provides relevant and insightful information to your readers, but it also must drive conversions and create a positive ROI. The following information will ensure your blog not only acts as a catalyst for credibility and thought leadership, but also generates positive returns for your business.

Know Your Audience
The people you are writing to dictates the information you create to drive conversions for your business. Develop yourself as an expert in your niche. Quality content that is industry-specific will gain your reader’s trust. Your blog will help demonstrate that  you are an authority in your industry. Knowing your audience demographics and the problems and challenges they face will help you offer solutions specific to them.

Answer Questions and Solve Problems
When brainstorming on what topics to write about to drive conversions, ask yourself what problems or questions your clients have. Topics geared to answer questions drive conversions because most readers are seeking a solution. Provide a detailed framework for solving a problem that is beneficial and actionable. Create a next-step or call to action, such as signing up for a free white paper, joining your mailing list or making a purchase.

Create Content Around A Sales Cycle
Most customers go through a buying cycle before they purchase. If your blogging goal is to convert sales, you are likely to be targeting customers in the discovery or research stage. Be sure you anticipate questions your reader has and offer answers and solutions in your blog. Your blog content must be incredibly persuasive and establish confidence in your audience that makes readers take action.

Format For Fast Reading
Chances are, your reader will be reading your blog on their cell phone on the way to a meeting or waiting in line at a coffee shop. The point is, everyone is busy and most people are reading on the go. Your reader is probably going to skim through your blog. Make sure your blog draws their attention to the important parts. Accomplish this by using short paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points and numbered lists. Use a font style and size that is easy to read. Use an image that coincides with your content. Blogs with images are more likely to be read.

Take Away
Blogs are important aspects for modern marketing. The content you create serves as a foundation for your brand. Provide solutions to problems your customers face. Show and share your blogs on all your social media platforms for increased visibility.

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