Creating a Successful Email Campaign

Michael Goetz MarketingEmail marketing remains one of the strongest marketing platforms to drive sales. In fact, statistics show email marketing outperforms Facebook and Twitter by nearly double. Creating successful email campaigns will dramatically increase your organization’s retention and acquisition rates. Below are a few strategy tips for creating a compelling email campaign.

If you want high click rates in your email, subject lines with 70 characters and up engage readers the most, however, subject lines with 49 characters and fewer tend to have a higher open rate. If you want to increase clicks or responses, use a long subject line. If you want a high open rate, keep your subject line short.

The time of day you send your email matters. Test open rates and click throughs by sending your emails at different times of day. Studies show the best open rate is between 8pm and midnight.

Mobile matters. 47% of emails are viewed on a mobile device. When designing your email, be sure it looks as good on a mobile device as it does on a computer screen. Use one column and increase the font size for easy mobile viewing.

Chances are the decision maker receiving your email works weekends. Saturday and Sundays are optimal days to send emails and often outperform weekdays.

Keep your message short, to the point and visually appealing. Focus on short messages with a call to action. The more visually interesting your email is, the more likely the receiver will read your email and engage in your call to action.