Double Sales Leads Using Twitter

Michael Goetz Marketing BlogTwitter is one of the top social media networks, with an average of 288 million active monthly users. Many businesses still don’t understand how to successfully utilize and monetize Twitter. A powerful Twitter strategy includes engagement. The following Twitter tips are sure to increase your network engagement.

Use Twitter to Add Value
Many use Twitter to strictly promote their products and services. Most often, this does not increase engagement. Provide content that encourages engagement with content your industry will find useful. Do this by providing tips, images and inspirational quotes. These types of tweets may not necessarily drive revenue, but they will create a community that likes and trusts you–and in turn will lead to increased sales.

Engage on Twitter
Find conversations pertaining to topics in your industry and join the conversation. Do this by searching keywords. Answer and ask questions. Retweet followers. Follow people who follow you. Be sure to thank people for retweeting your content.

Add Images to Your Tweets
Tweets with pictures receive:
• 18% more click-throughs
• 89% more favorites
• 150% more retweets

Add Hashtags
A hashtag is a # symbol in front of a word. Using hashtags will make it easy for people to find your content. If you aren’t using hashtags now–start. You’re missing out on people finding your products and services.

Tweet Often
The more you tweet, the more likelihood your content will be in the newsfeed of your followers. There is no magic number on how many times a day you should tweet, however you should be tweeting approximately ten times a day. If you are only tweeting once or twice a day, you likely won’t be noticed or heard. Keep your Twitter conversations fresh. Use a variety of content, such as tips, quotes, blogs and content from other industry experts.

Take Away
There are no Twitter secrets or shortcuts. To be successful your Twitter strategy must incorporate engagement, preparation and time. Join the conversation and start Tweeting to get clients chirping!

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