From Boring to Soaring

Michael Goetz MarketingTo take your marketing from boring to soaring your business must have a marketing strategy. Strategy steps can vary. Below is a condensed outline that will  help you capture market share and catapult revenue.

Look internally. Analyze your organization’s strengths, weaknesses and goals. Brainstorm and include everything. Once you have your list, identify priorities. This is your starting point.

Look externally and at your market. Create a list of your organization’s opportunities and threats. These are things you can’t control but can forecast. Opportunities include new markets, products or services and trends that favor your business. Threats include your competition and things that create a disadvantage for your organization. Identify potential clients or your ideal target market. Understanding who you are marketing to will help you decide your messaging and media channel.

Strategize. Combine your lists and decide where your identity intersects your target market. What can be removed from your list because it’s not strategic? Who can be removed from your list that is not part of your target market?

Set quantifiable steps. Your marketing strategy should become a plan that includes regular review, tracking and forecasting, budgeting and non-monetary metrics for tracking growth. These can include leads, inbound calls, page views or conversion rates.

Review and revise. Your marketing plan should evolve as your business evolves. Analyze what is working and what can be improved. Adjust to your changing business and market.