Ignite Your Site

Michael Goetz MarketingWebsite design and styles constantly evolve. What was one deemed appealing is probably now outdated. Sleek styles and minimalist sites are what’s trending now. The following website design elements, techniques and strategies will showcase your organization’s products and services with the most updated concepts.

Long Scrolling Sites
Long scrolling sites are hot. Back in the day, long scrolling sites were seen as poorly designed sites. Not anymore. These days, people predominantly access websites from tables and smartphones. Having long scrolling sites makes the site easy to navigate and eliminates the need to click small links and jump from page to page.

Split Screens
A split screen layout utilizes some kind of vertical break that divides sections of the page into two ore more parts. This layout works well for organizations that have two products or services they want to highlight or promote. Basically, it gives prominence to several items at once, instead of having to organize them in rank or order.

Parallax Scrolling
Parallax scrolling  involves the background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page. Parallax enhances the user experience with depth and animation. The design offers a storytelling approach as it guides visitors through the site. A main benefits is that it encourages visitors to stay on your site longer as they scroll to the end of the page.

Responsive Design
Responsive design is one of the greatest occurrences happening to web design today. Responsive design allows your site to seamlessly shift without compromising UX or quality no matter what screen size the site is accessed. All websites should be responsive.

Large Visual Headers
Though not exactly anything new, large visual headers are a popular design element for many designers. What’s in the headers is what is changing. Instead of static images, many designers are implementing videos. If you decide to install a video, be sure it isn’t overpowering. Make it slow-moving and silent. Anything too loud or fast will seem chaotic.

Telling a story is a major marketing trend. Your website is the perfect medium to tell a story. Tell your story through not only your content, but though your design elements, such as the layout and navigation. Giving site visitors the ability to engage with various visual elements will help get your message across.

Take Away
Website design elements constantly evolve. Stay on top of the latest trends, while staying original.