Increase Your Google Presence and Ranking

Michael GoetzGoogle dominates the web. It’s much more than just a search engine. Google’s marketing tools are essential to your business. Take advantage of the following tools to increase your business’ exposure.

Google My Business
Formerly called Google Places, Google My Business will get your business featured in search results for local searches. It will also get featured on Google Maps. Best of all, it’s free. Google “Google My Business” to get started!

Google+ Business Pages
Many businesses are not using their Google+ Business Pages. For local businesses, creating and maintaining a Google+ Page complements your Google My Business listing, making Google+ even more critical for your business. Additionally, your Google My Business listing will include a link to your business’ Google+ Page. If you have an engaged Google+ following, consider adding the Google +1 share button on your website or blog. The reason–Google ranks using social signals, making your content rank better in searches.

Google Webmaster Tools
To see what Google thinks about your website, create a Google Webmaster Tools account. You’ll receive alerts on factors that may prevent your website from getting found is search results. You’ll also be able to analyze your search traffic to see how people find you.

Google AdWords & Google AdWords Express
Using Google AdWords will allow you to target specific keywords relevant to your business. Your ads will appear above or to the right of organic search results. Cost greatly depends on the competition for the keyword you use for targeting. You’ll only pay if your ad is clicked. Check out Google Trends to help make your keyword selection.

Google Alerts
Google Alerts lets you stay on top of your business, your industry and your competition. You’ll automatically receive alerts when your specified keywords or phrases are used online. This is an excellent way to monitor your business and reputation as well as what is said about your competition.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free product that provides website traffic insight and helps you evaluate how people find and navigate your website. Google Analytics will also help you see who are new versus returning website visitors, where people are located, how long they stay on your site, as well as if your site has a high bounce rate.

With the exception of Google AdWords, Google offers free marketing tools to make your marketing more strategic and increase your business’ reach. Setting up your Google tools will only take a few minutes for each and will give you valuable insight into your business and customers.

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