Increase Your Social Reach Like Never Before

Michael Goetz MarketingSuccessful social media pages are active and engaging. The more activity and engaging your social networks are, the better. Having your content shared from your network to others makes a powerful impact on your pages. Shares drive virality, boost SEO and show engagement. Facebook likes and shares are both important factors for successful pages, however, Facebook shares supersede likes as a metric of choice.

The following tips will get your Facebook reach father than ever before.

1. Optimize your content for mobile devices.

More than 70 percent of Facebook traffic is from mobile devices. Make sure your content is easy to read and view on mobile devices. Image specs of 560 by 292 pixels are ideal for full display on mobile news feeds. Make sure the copy you post teases and entices readers to click to read or learn more.

2. Boost posts with early engagement.

Social communities are more likely to comment, like or share if others have too. See how your posts are performing before boosting them. If your post doesn’t resonate with your Facebook followers, you can change your message before boosting it.

3. Provide content that is entertaining, helpful or solves a problem.

Give your community what it wants. If you don’t, people won’t engage or share your posts.

Take Away

Having your Facebook posts shared on other pages dramatically increases your exposure, visibility and drives revenue. Make sure your posts are colorful, interesting, inspiring and meaningful.