Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Maximum ROI

Michael Goetz Marketing BlogWith a strategic strategy, Facebook advertisements can yield high returns. There are numerous ways to make your ad campaigns more effective. The following will help you create Facebook advertisements that increases branding and revenue.

Align Your Facebook Advertisement with the Campaign Landing Page
Your Facebook post content should be aligned with the content of your landing page. There are two reasons for this. First, you will receive a higher Ad relevance score. The higher your relevance score, the less you will pay per click. Second, alignment among ads and landing pages increases your conversion rate. When the ad is clicked, people expect to receive exactly what the post advertised. A high alignment degree among your ads and landing pages will lower shopping card drop-off rates and increase conversion rates.

Test Your Ad Elements One at a Time
Instead of creating different ads and split testing them, crate variations of the ad that performs best and change one element at a time. Do this by taking your best ad and make copies of it and then change the deadline of all versions. The result will be several identical ads with different headlines you can test. Whichever ads receive the best response make copies of it and test a different element such as image or description.

Test Different Ad Placements
Instead of only selecting news feed right column ads or using all news feed advertisements, use split testing with different placements of the advertisements you created. For instance, if you have one ad campaign with news feed right column ads and desktop and mobile, run a placement report to discover how they perform. Your best scenario is to have three campaigns. One for news feed right column, one for news feed desktop and one for news feed mobile. This will give you the ability to control the budget better than if all the ads are in the same format.

Target the Right Audience
Target new people for your Facebook ads–not those who have already liked your page. Geographic targeting will allow you to target specific target market areas. Each ad set should target one geographic area. By using separate geographic targets, you can adjust your bids strategically.

Take Away
There are many ways to optimize your Facebook advertisements. Run tests and experiment with audiences, placement and ad type. Closely monitor your campaigns and be sure to update your Facebook page frequently.

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