Pinning for Winning

Michael Goetz MarketingPinterest is a social media network that allows creators and followers to share and learn from one another. The following strategy will help improve your Pinterest engagement, help you discover what pins get the most attention and help you understand what makes pins popular. This strategy can also be incorporated in your Twitter and Facebook networks.

Show Images with Products in Use
Images of products are not what is most popular. Images of  products in use are. Pinning images with products in use provides customers a conception of how products can work together. Showcase your products using Pinterest and post two images of your products. Post  product images to inspire your Pinterest community, as well as products on their own so users can visualize their own ways to use your products.

Make Non-Visual Content Visual
The most popular images on Pinterest are do it yourself, beauty and food. If your business is something other than these, Pinterest will still enhance your branding and reach. For example, you can pin your blog post picture and link the pin to your blog.

Use Quotes as Images
People like to be inspired and motivated. Pin quotes that are part of an image or have a picture. The pins should reflect and relate to your business and are inline with your business and service offering. Make sure the images are interesting, bold and unique.

Infographics Add Value
Create infographics that have your company’s branding. Create infographics that can easily be embedded on other websites to ensure more shares.

Take Away
Social media is highly visual. Create and share attention grabbing images that highlight your business and industry, as well as inspires and offers valuable information.

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