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7 Content Marketing Strategies You Must Use

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and circulating compelling content to attract, retain and engage your target market to promote consumer action and revenue. Content marketing is a necessary online tactic that continues to evolve. With new shifts occurring, it’s important to understand the changes and develop your strategy accordingly. Companies Read more about 7 Content Marketing Strategies You Must Use[…]

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Do This Not That

Crafting successful email campaigns could quite possibly yield the highest ROI of all of your marketing initiatives. When it comes to email marketing, there are a lot of marketers out there who say you should ALWAYS do this or NEVER do that. Below are what I consider the BEST and not-so-best marketing practices. The Do’s: DO Read more about Do This Not That[…]

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Simple is the New Sexy

Less is best. The most effective way to reach your clients isn’t through complicated and verbose websites, advertisements or sales copy, but instead through making their decision-making process easy. Give customers and potential customers exactly what they need and need to know. Don’t go overboard. It has been estimated that nearly 90% of customers are Read more about Simple is the New Sexy[…]

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Activate & Accentuate

I’ve always thought, “If you can write, you can do anything.” When I edit for clients, it seems I always make the same corrections, edits and suggestions. Wordy passive sentences are strung together, riddled with prepositional phrases. A college sophomore summer class taught me one of the best editing techniques I continue to use. It’s Read more about Activate & Accentuate[…]