Timing is Everything

Michael Goetz Marketing

Social Media must be strategic and not haphazard. Social-media updates need to be posted when your audience has the highest chance of seeing your social media updates and will engage most with your brand.

If you aren’t posting to a social media site when most of your audience members are on it, the time you spend creating and crafting the update goes to waste.

You should post everyday. Your posts on Thursdays and Fridays should be your most important posts for the week. This is because engagement rates on Thursday and Friday are 18% higher.

While all audiences are different, you can use these times as a general guide. Here are the best times to post to each site:

Facebook: Weekdays 6am–8am and 2pm–5pm

Pinterest: On Saturday from 2pm–4pm and 8pm–11pm

LinkedIn: 7am–8:30am and 5pm–6pm

Twitter: On weekends from 1pm–3pm

Blog: Monday, Friday and Saturday at 11am