Your Twitter Content Strategy

Michael Goetz MarketingTwitter is an amazing social platform your organization should use. Twitter conversations are like any other conversation you have with your customers and potential customers. Twitter gives you direct access to people that will help grow your business. The following strategy will with help you establish continuous conversation with your followers.

Listen and Pay Attention
Research what your competition is doing on Twitter. This will help you develop your marketing content strategy. Decide what you like and what will work for your business. Learn how your competition interacts with their clients and what content they share.

Tweet 80/20
80% of your tweets should support driving interactions with your Twitter community, such as retweets, replies and favorites. Once you’ve done this, share promotions, direct offers and incentives to get your followers to click on your links or read your blog.

Be You
Keep your style simple and casual. You only have 140 characters to get your message across. Offer helpful content in a friendly and authentic way.

Find Your Voice
There is no magic number on how many times a day you should tweet. Start out with five tweets a day and adjust accordingly. Provide useful content and establish a rhythm that is right for you. Your followers will take notice and will look forward to your tweets.

Create Your Content Strategy
Engaging content will help attract new followers to your Twitter page and help keep your current community engaged. Begin by drafting a tweet calendar to help you plan your content. This will also help keep you motivated and on track to tweet daily.

Take Away
Twitter gives your business the opportunity to engage with nearly everyone and anyone you want. Tweet useful content that establishes your credibility and highlights your business’s products and services. Create a content calendar to keep your information relevant and fresh.